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Who Are We

Indinga Creatives is your creative partner when building your brand.

Our Mission

Indinga Creatives builds your music brand as you focus on being creative.

What We Do

We partner with you and elevate your music career to new heights.

Our History

We use creative marketing strategies when building music brands. With our passion and extensive reach within the Electronic Music scene, Indinga Creatives is your ultimate partner when it comes to building your music brand. 

Our 6-D Process


With our keen eye and music pulse. We discover and nature music talents.


We define you as a musician or brand and also define your target audiance.


We then design your marketing plan which will best suite your target audiance.


With you as our partner, we then fine tune the marketing strategy to your individual needs.


With all our resources in place, we then set about building your music brand.


We provide you with tools to assess the elevation of your music brand.

Why Choose Us?

Qualified Marketing professionals who handle individual accounts. 

Our account managers have extensive experience and passion for the Electronic Music Scene. 

We treat each and every account individually as we know that each musician’s needs differ.  

Our account managers are there for you whenever you require assistance from us.

We package our Music Marketing solutions so as to ensure growth for your brand.

We provide you with reports so as to assess your brand elevation.

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